How to set up your home wireless network (WLAN)

You can connect every device present in your home wirelessly like computer,game console,printers etc

There are two types of routers(D-link and Linksys routers) to initialize the setup and then you can freely access the devices from any mobile location

Without any hassle’s.

What you will need to set up a WLAN:

  1. An operating system that supports wireless networking.
  2. A Broadband (DSL or Cable) internet connection.
  3. A wireless router, a DSL modem, or a cable modem with built-in wireless networking support  .note : without a router you can also setup a WLAN and is called a AdHoc Network.
  4. A computer with built-in wireless networking support or a wireless network adapter.if there are no support in your computer for wireless networking then you can purchase a wireless adapter which is easily available.


After these requirements fulfillment,then you can find yourless ready to setup a WLAN connection:

1. Connect to the Internet


Make sure that your Internet connection and your DSL or cable modem are working. Your wireless network depends on this connection.

2. Connect your wireless router


These are the steps for connecting a stand-alone wireless router to your DSL modem or cable modem. If you have a modem router, follow your ISP’s instructions for connecting your network.

Since you’ll be temporarily disconnected from the Internet, print these instructions before you go any further.

First, locate your cable modem or DSL modem and unplug it to turn it off.

Next, connect your wireless router to your modem. Your modem should stay connected directly to the Internet. Later, after you’ve hooked everything up, your computer will wirelessly connect to your router, and the router will send communications through your modem to the Internet.

Next, connect your router to your modem.

->If you currently have your computer connected directly to your modem:Unplug the network cable from the back of your computer, and plug it into the port labeled InternetWAN, or WLAN on the back of your router.

->If you do not currently have a computer connected to the Internet: Plug one end of a network cable (included with your router) into your modem, and plug the other end of the network cable into the Internet, WAN, or WLAN port on your wireless router.

->If you currently have your computer connected to a router: Unplug the network cable connected to the Internet, WAN, or WLAN port from your current router, and plug this end of the cable into the Internet, WAN, or WLAN port on your wireless router. Then, unplug any other network cables, and plug them into the available ports on your wireless router. You no longer need your original router, because your new wireless router replaces it.


3.  Configure your wireless router

Using the network cable that came with your wireless router, you should temporarily connect your computer to one of the open network ports on your wireless router (any port that isn’t labeled InternetWAN, or WLAN). If you need to, turn your computer on. It should automatically connect to your router.

Next, open Internet Explorer and type in the URL or address to configure your router.

Then follow the steps and follow the default settings and also configure three things i.e. administrative password,wireless network name,WPA(wifi protected access).Apply ok.

  1. Connect your computers, printers, and other devices to the wireless network and share.


Enjoy wireless computing.





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